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Talks and Speeches

Enhance Your Masonic Knowledge Enhance Your Masonic Knowledge

"Do you want to Enhance Your Masonic Knowledge? This book will give you answers to many of the Masonic questions commonly asked. Where does Freemasonr..


I Greet You Well

"This book contains twelve easy to read lectures packed with all manner of Masonic facts and information. Read at home to establish a good Masonic kno..


I Just Didn't Know That

"Many of us take for granted things we see and do in our everyday life, and if we knew more about a particular environment, we would be fascinated by ..


Living Landmarks of Freemasonry Living Landmarks of Freemasonry

"The living landmarks of Freemasonry are all around us as we enter a Masonic Temple and the curious mind soon wonders why the Lodge is set out in that..


Lodge Talks Lodge Talks

" A collection of 15 ten-minute talks that can be read at a Craft meeting, perhaps when a lodge has little or no work. A valuable asset to any lodge, ..


Masonic After Dinner Speaking

"Reprint Masonic After-Dinner speaking is treated with concern and dismay by many who are called upon to address an audience. It is a sad fact that wh..


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