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A Guide for the Masonic Treasurer

 Being a Lodge Treasurer would have most Brethren running for the hills, thinking 'this job's not for me, I'm off to be the Tyler!'However, with ..


A Handbook for the Worshipful Master

As you look forward to occupying the Master's Chair you will alreadyhave acquired a good idea of what is to be done. This book sets out tofill in the ..


Emulation Working Today

This volume is not only an invaluable guide to the performance of craft ritual as taught by the Emulation Lodge of Improvement but a guide to the lear..


Letter To A Master Elect

The Master of the lodge is a very important role and for many Masons the most memorable year of their time in the Craft. As with all things, preparati..


Masonic Etiquette Today: A Modern Guide to Masonic Protocol

This book draws together a number of different topics relating to Masonic protocol and provides a comprehensive guide to Masonic behaviour and practic..


The Complete Lodge Secretary

Also Available as an ebook. Click Here to visit our website for digital downloads The well-being of a Lodge largely depends upon its Secretary. He has..


The Director of Ceremonies: and Assistant Director of Ceremonies

This title is a new volume in Lewis Masonic's new series of practical guides for Lodge officers. In each volume author Richard Johnson takes one of th..


The Lodge Mentor

Also Available as an ebook. Click Here to visit our website for digital downloads It has long been recognised in Lodges that a Mentor can provide inva..


The Principal Officers: A Practical Guide

Examines the three most important officers in each Lodge: the Master, the immediate Past Master and the Warden. As the standard progression will be th..


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