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Enhance Your Masonic Knowledge

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Do you want to Enhance Your Masonic Knowledge? This book will give you answers to many of the Masonic questions commonly asked.

 Where does Freemasonry come from?

 What does the Past Master's jewel really symbolise?

 What do the columns in our Lodges signify?

 What is the symbolism within our Three Degrees?

 Which Lodge is the oldest?

 What does the Holy Royal Arch and its Ritual symbolise?

A collection of articles by Ronald J. R. Hart, PProvJGD, SLGR, with particular emphasis on his many years of research into the architecture and symbolism of Freemasonry. The book contains chapters on The Most Ancient Lodge and Temple (Kilwinning), The Origins of our Lodge Columns, The Symbolism of the Past Master's Jewel, Myth and Legend, Glimpses of Royal Arch Ritual and the Vault, Some of the Symbols of the First Degree, The Symbols of the Second Degree.

W.Bro. Ronald Hart is a long established Mason of 57 years whose career as an Architect, along with the functional experience of building construction, enabled him to gain theoretical knowledge as to how closely connected Freemasonry is to Architecture and its symbolism.
His thirst for knowledge and the reason 'why' compelled him to embark upon serious research, assisted by the late Harry Carr (author of The Freemason at Work). 
The wisdom within this book will make fascinating reading and be endlessly informative to all Brethren and in particular Lodge Mentors.

Paperback 280 x 215

80 pages


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