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Masonic Speech Making

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Every freemason knows that he will have to make a speech or propose a toast sometime in his Masonic life whether it be a Master or replying for the visitors. It is important that he should be able to deliver it in a confident manner. This book shows in great detail how to prepare and deliver Masonic speeches for all occasions. Over 170 speeches and replies are given in full, covering almost every occasion that the freemason will encounter.


Review from the Australian Freemasons Magazine

For some speaking in public or at the Festive Board is either a pleasant task or something to be dreaded. Generally in many lodges, the candidate is asked to reply to the toast given in his honour and later at his raising he is once again expected to reply to a toast. Although programs on the internet articles on speech writing they are not always suited to masonic speeches. Amongst the many books in the Grand Lodge Library is a small publication that will answer a budding speech writer's prayers Masonic Speech Making by J W Hobbs will provide all the answers for any Masonic occasion. The book covers the early days of Freemasonry when lodges met in taverns and how they dined at the meeting including the bill for an Installation Night of the Old Dundee Lodge which makes the present Installation Banquet of two courses look parsimonious. here are chapters on speech-making, dinner speaking, Visitors Toasts, Installations, and the correct modes of address for brethren and Grand Lodge in the Craft Lodge and the Royal Arch A most useful chapter is a collection of phrases and quotations that will assist the speaker looking for a theme. Masonic Speech Writing should be a valued resource in every Mason's library. It is available from the Grand Lodge Library.

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