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Mark Tokens

Lodge and Chapter Tokens - Mark Tokens

During decades service, Victoria Regalia has produced thousands of custom tokens for Masonic lodges and chapters. Alongside our line of ready-minted, engravable Mark Tokens, we offer bespoke services for minting Chapter and Lodge Tokens with custom crests, inscriptions and designs.

Copper Mark Tokens

Our standard tokens are minted in copper, with a variety of high-quality finish options at very competitive prices.

Enamel Mark Tokens

Colours are matched using the Pantone Reference System

Our tokens production process is highly customisable to suit individual Lodges' and Chapters' design requirements. Don't hesitate to enquire about custom shapes, sizes, colours and texture incorporating your lodge name, insignia, motto or design.

  • Minimum Order Quantity 50
  • Lead time 3 to 4 weeks

Masonic Token Sleeve Clear Protective Case for Coins - Set of 10 Masonic Token Sleeve Clear Protective Case for Coins - Set of 10

These clear plastic cases are excellent for protecting masonic tokens and other coins from dust and scratches. The sleeve is fitted with a secure tuck..


Mark Token - Mark Penny English Constitution Mark Token - Mark Penny English Constitution

- Standard Mark Degree Penny- Advanced Mark Penny- Royal Arch TokenPlease contact us if you require individual Lodge TokensPlease choose one of the fo..


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