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Knights Templar

Knight Templar - A Conundrum

" Endeavours to shed light on what became of the Knights Templar following the betrayal of 1307. Did they merely fade into obscurity or was their impa..


Knight Templar - Traveller's Companion in Spain, Portugal & the Western Mediterranean

" An essential guide for those who enjoy a link with the Iberian peninsula or southern Italy and wish to learn more of the history or the Knights Temp..


Knights of St John Vol. III - The English Langue

"The English Langue, Volume 3, we are introduced to the establishment of the Order in the British Isles and its impact on British History from the Pea..


Knights Templar - Myths, Magic & Make Believe

" Contains a collection of miscellanea, facts and fantasy relating to all things to do with the Knights Templar from the origins of the founding knigh..


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