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Royal Arch Freemasonry and Its Relation to the Craft

Royal Arch Freemasonry and Its Relation to the Craft

Authentic ancient Freemasonry offers an inspiring moral foundation for the inquisitive mind. The teachings presented at the Craft ceremonies call upon a Freemason to enhance his bonds with his fellow members and to practice the three fundamental principles of the Craft, namely brotherly love, compassion, and truthfulness.


The Royal Arch is the ultimate pathway for the advancement of previous knowledge. The ceremony at the Royal Arch is vibrant, thought-provoking, and inspiring. It is based on the Old Testament tale of the construction of King Solomon’s Temple and evokes feelings of humility and infinite trust in our invisible creator. The ceremony gives us the ability to reflect upon the entire masonic journey and presents us with numerous questions related to the main purpose of human existence.   


The ritual, in reality, has a strong metaphorical connotation. In your Craft degrees, you were taught that Freemasonry is a moral philosophy that promotes brotherly love, compassion, and truthfulness as the main guidelines for your earthly journey. The Third Degree Ceremony suggests that there is more to discover, as it encourages us to look beyond our daily routine and social obligations. 


Freemasons have been completing the standard Masonic journey from Initiation to the Royal Arch for almost 300 years. It holds a distinctive position within Freemasonry, therefore, the Craft and the Royal Arch are inextricably interconnected. What is lost in the Third Degree of the Craft Freemasonry is revealed in a fascinating ritual, helping members further deepen and enhance their knowledge of Masonic philosophy.  


Members of the Royal Arch are referred to as Companions. The term ‘companion’ implies an unbreakable bond between members and is a particularly precise description of a member of the Royal Arch, who has a duty to assist and encourage his Companions as well as to adhere to strong moral principles and values.


Membership is available for Master Masons and Freemasons of all religions. Members of the Chapter to which they wish to be admitted must propose, second, and vote for them.

The time between becoming a Master Mason and being exalted into a Royal Arch Chapter is primarily determined by personal circumstances and readiness to accept its teachings.


Royal Arch Chapters meet separately from Lodges and no more than three times every year. The costs are generally much lower than those charged by Lodges. A Chapter is usually affiliated with a Lodge.


The regalia differs from that of a Craft Lodge. It consists of a red and blue apron, a red and blue sash, and a distinctive jewel that Royal Arch Masons should also wear in their Craft Lodges to demonstrate the existing connection between the Craft and the Royal Arch.

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