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Masonic Dual Jewel Wallet with Detachable Breast Jewel Pad with Gold blocked Masonic Square and Compasses

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Masonic Jewel Wallet with Detachable Jewel Pad

This wallet is the ideal solution for protecting and transporting your Masonic Breast Jewels. Just insert your jewel into the detachable jewel pad and fasten it inside the wallet with the hook & loop system. And when you want to wear your jewel, just slide the pad into your breast pocket!

  • Wallet Dimensions: ~ 5.5" x 3.6"
  • Jewel Pad Dimensions: ~ 5" x 3"
  • Materials: Faux Leather, Velvet, Hook & Loop fastenings, Snap button
  • Decorated with gold printed Square and Compasses
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