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33rd Degree Full Set - Hand Embroidered Sash, Cap, Collarette & Jewel - Scottish

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Full Set of Regalia for the 33rd° of the Scottish Constitution

  • 33rd Degree Sash - Scottish

    White ribbon sash fully hand-embroidered with gold and silver bullion wire. Golden braid lacing and fringe.

  • 33rd Degree Collarette - Scottish

    White ribbon collarette with golden braided stripes, velcro fastening and crab hook jewel fixture.

  • 33rd Degree Collar Jewel - Scottish

    33rd Degree Eagle collar jewel - metal with silver body and golden wings.

  • 33rd Degree Cap - Scottish

    Hand-embroidered cap with gold bullion wire.

    Please detail the required sizes for each cap in the "Cap Sizes" section before adding this item to the basket. Use the following table for sizing reference.

Profile of a man with measuring tape around across the forehead and over the temple and ears, an inch above the eyebrows.

Measuring your head for hat size

Place a measuring tape around your head, one inch (25 mm) above your eyebrows then down to the top of your ear (see diagram above).
Do not pull too tight on tape.
If possible, ask someone to measure for you.

Head Size in inchesMetric Size [CM]US SizeGeneric Size
20 7/8536 5/8S
21 1/8546 3/4
21 1/2556 7/8
21 7/8567M
22 1/4577 1/8
22 5/8587 1/4L
23597 3/8
23 1/2607 1/2XL
23 7/8617 5/8
24 1/4627 3/4
24 5/8637 7/8XXL