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Masonic Craft Sash for Lodges of the Scottish Constitution

4" plain ribbon double fringe sash with superior quality button and braid. The standard sash is made with lurex fringe on grosgrain ribbon, and is highly customisable to meet any Lodge's Regalia requirements. If the options available on the website don't cover your needs, please don't hesitate to get in touch for a quote!

  • Sash Material

    This sash is available in a selection of our stock colour or striped ribbons, velvet or tartans. Please detail your requirements in the 'Additional Info' section! Non-stock options will be charged separately.

  • Sash Extras

    Additional detailing / superior quality components are available at an extra fee.

  • Sash Embroidery

    The sash can be embroidered with your Lodge number, if you require custom work, please do get in touch for a quote! The prices shown are per character, this service will be charged separately.

  • Finish Colour

    This will be the colour of all detailing on the sash: fringe, lace, embroidery, etc. If you need custom option, please detail your requirements in the 'Additional Info' section

We will contact you about custom charges for the non-stock ribbons and the embroidery work after we receive your order.

Please select the required options, and detail your needs in the 'Additional Info' section before adding this item to basket!

Sash Material:Sash Extras:
  • Ribbon: Black, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Bottle Green, Thistle Green, Purple, Red
  • Special Striped Stock Ribbon: detail needs in 'Additional Info'
  • Tartan or Velvet: detail needs in 'Additional Info'
  • Other: detail needs in 'Additional Info' and we'll respond with a quote
  • 4" Heavy Bullion Fringe: upgrade from the standard lurex fringe for a small fee
  • Lace Edges
  • Hand Embroidered Sash Bars
  • Thistle Spray: available in various designs
Sash Embroidery:Finish Colour:
  • No embroidery required: select this option if you don't need your lodge number embroidered
  • Machine Embroidered: prices are per character, including VAT
    5/8" - £3.50, 1" - £4.00, 1 1/4" - £4.25, 1 1/2" - £4.25
  • Hand Embroidered: prices are per character, including VAT
    5/8" - £4.00, 1" - £4.75, 1 1/4" - £5.10, 1 1/2" - £5.10
  • Gold: lace, fringe, button, embroidery, etc.
  • Silver: lace, fringe, button, embroidery, etc.
  • Other: please detail this in the 'Additional Info' section, this option might incur an extra charge which would be charged separately

Disclaimer: Please note that while our website displays a variety of Regalia in stock, most items are crafted to order. In instances where pre-made items are unavailable, or for custom orders, our manufacturing process can take up to 6 weeks. This timeline is a result of our commitment to in-house, quality craftsmanship. Thank you for your understanding and patience.