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Custom Lodge Lapel Pins

Custom Lodge and Chapter Lapel Pins

Pins and badges are a great way to show your lodge identity at any given opportunity. We have produced thousands of custom badges along our permanent selection of Masonic Lapel Pins, which are proving to be an effective way of signalling your association, raising funds or providing a gift to brethren. They can also serve as a great addition or memorandom to a special event, celebration or anniversary.

Anniversary Lapel Pins

Badges are available in a variety of high-quality fittings and finishes at very competitive prices. Don't hesitate to enquire about custom shapes, sizes, colour and texture incorporating your lodge name, insignia, design or message. Virtually any attribute of our badges is customisable to suit your individual design requirements.

Colours are matched using the Pantone Reference System

  • Minimum Order Quantity 50
  • Lead time 3 to 4 weeks

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