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AQC Vol 120 Hardback 2007

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Volume 120 - 2007
Papers Delivered in the Lodge 2006-2007

George William Speth 1847-1901: The Gift of Historical Imagination

David J. Peabody page 2

The Establishment of Lodge Roman Eagle in Edinburgh: its use of Latin from 1785-1793

John Wade page 26

Thomas Howard, third Earl of Effingham: the concerns of an eighteenth century Freemason

John Goodchild page 100

Masonic Research: that profit and pleasure may be the result

Yasha Beresiner page 113

The Sixth Liberal Art: Astronomy and Freemasonry

Robert A. Gilbert page 131

Miscellanea Latomorum - The Supplement

The Thiseltons: a nineteenth century Masonic family

John Mandleberg & Diane Clements page 172

A Signatory to the Charter of Compact (Norman B. Spencer Prize)

Bruce B. Hogg page 206

The Falsification of the Date of the Charter of Compact

Anon page 214

Insolentiæ Latomorum - Oddities of the Masons

The First Charge Revisited

Chris Impens page 216

Hipolito Da Costa and the Dionysian Artificers

Leon Zeldis page 238

Rochester Cathedral: the Masonic Lights in the South Transept

Anon page 248

The Oath of Allegiance from the pen of James VI & I

Peter H. Currie page 249

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