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Lapel Pins

Masonic 18th Degree Lapel Pin

Masonic Lapel PinScottish 18th Degree Lapel PinOrder Code - LP40..


Masonic Apron blue Lapel Pin

Masonic Lapel PinScottish Master Masons dress apron blue Lapel PinOrder Code - LP41..


O S M Lapel Pin

Masonic Lapel PinOrder of the Secret Monitor Lapel PinOrder Code - LP39..


Robert Burns Lapel Pin (depute)

Robert Burns Lapel PinBoxedReplica of the Collar Jewel Worn by Robert Burns..


Trowel Lapel Pin

Trowel Lapel PinBoxed..


Conclave Lapel Pin

Conclave lapel pin (Scottish design)Order Code - LP28..


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